1 Hour Full Body Workout At Home | 2 Light Dumbbells & Bodyweight Only

Today’s Zeus Fitness video is another awesome 1 hour full body workout at home using nothing but a couple of light dumbbells and your bodyweight

We tried this before and you guys loved the previous 1 hour full body workout at home challenge so we thought let’s give you another

This workout is broken into 4 section.

The opening 10 minutes getting the body warmed up and ready with a combination of total body compound movements with some light dumbbells

We then move onto 20 Min Upper Body Dumbbell Workout. Targeting every muscle on the upper body , this will burn

That is follow by 20 minutes of attacking the lower body with a combination of dumbbell work and bodyweight

Before finishing the workout with 10 minutes of focused targeted Ab and core exercises .

Every part of the body torched in one awesome hour. Strip fat , build lean muscle , get fitter and feel great . You’re covering it all right here

Now this is going to be seriously tough. I suggest going light with the dumbbells here as you are going to burn out fast. If you need to make certain exercises tougher , you can up that weight but it really won’t take much

So have you got what it takes to take on the challenge and complete the whole hour?

It’s time to find out. Grab your dumbbells and a drink of water and get ready to burn

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Hope you enjoy the video guys. Any questions, just drop them in the comment section below.

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