10 Min Resistance Band Arm Workout | Home or Gym

We are smashing a killer super quick 10 min resistance band arm workout today. Honeslty with this resistance band workout you can get a killer burn on both the triceps and biceps and in only 10 minutes

Like the previous workout , we will be hitting a 10 minute routine here. 5 Exercise . We work our way through the 5 exercises for 45 seconds of each , 15 seconds rest in between and to get in position

Then we work our way back down through the exercises again

Again this super quick resistance series is showing you that even at home with just some bands , you can still squeeze in a killer workout routine in only 10 mins.

When you eventually start upping that time , you can get a unreal workout absolutely anywhere

So what are you waiting for , grab your resistance bands and lets smash it

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