10 Minute Full Body EMOM Workout (Calorie Blasting Follow Along!)

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In today’s video,
I’m going to tell you about a style of HIIT called EMOM! Or Every Minute On The Minute. EMOM is still interval training. It’s just a slightly different style of interval training.

As the name suggests, essentially you start a new movement with a specific goal rep count every minute. Once you complete the prescribed number of reps, you get to recover for the rest of the minute before moving on to the next exercise.

You can use EMOM for any style of training, cardio, bodyweight, functional training, and even weight-lifting! I’m going to be doing a follow-along of this quick, fat-blasting workout that can be adjusted to fit any fitness level.

👇 10 Min Full Body EMOM Workout👇
Equipment Used: 2 Dumbbells or a Pre-Loaded Barbell, Jump Rope and Weighted Ball
Minute 1: DB Clean and Press or Preloaded BB (15)
Minute 2: Push-ups (15)
Minute 3: V-Ups (20)
Minute 4: Burpees (15)
Minute 5: Plank With Shoulder Taps (20 alternating sides)
Minute 6: Ball Toss Up or Wall balls (20)
Minute 7: Bench Jumps or Box Jumps (15)
Minute 8: Weighted Russian Twist (20)
Minute 9: Donkey Kick Ups (10) or Handstand Push-Ups (5)
Minute 10: Jump Rope (75 Revolutions)
⏰ Rest – 1 to 5 min
🔥 Repeat – As many rounds as you want to go! I suggest 3 for 30 min of WORK!

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10 Minute Full Body EMOM Workout (Calorie Blasting Follow Along!)
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