15 MIN ARMS WITH DUMBBELLS | HIIT edition home workout

Todays Zeus Fitness workout is an awesome 15 Min Arms With Dumbbells you can smash from home. This is again a HIIT Style Arms workout With Dumbbells. Again short , sharp and to the pump. Great pump and burn in minimal time.

Again with these types of dumbbell workouts , you can make it as easy or as difficult as you wish by simply upping or lowering the weights being used. Try and find a weight that works best for you as everyone will be different

You want it to work you hard, be tough to complete those last couple of reps , but maintaining good form throughout. Don’t go too heavy and sacrifice that form

Try me with this, you won’t need crazy heavy weight anyway. A couple of sets in and your arms will be screaming

With this workout we will be doing 3 batches of 3 different exercises for the triceps and then the same for the biceps all back to back

3 exercises back to back for 35 sec on – 10 secs rest

You will pick it up as we go. 15 mins , a couple of dumbbells and a little space at home and you are ready to roll

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