Todays Zeus Fitness workout is a quick 15 min chest HIIT workout with weights. What I love about these HIIT workout with weights style workouts is that they are short , sharp and to the point, but also give a great workout and pump in a very short time

Maximising your results in minimal time. Also as with all these types of dumbbell HIIT workouts. You can make this as easy or as difficult as you wish by simply upping the weights each time you try it

With this workout we will be doing 3 batches of 3 different chest exercises

3 exercises back to back for 35 sec on each – 10 secs rest

followed by 3 different chest exercises back to back again for 35 secs each on – 10 secs rest. Again repeating that cycle 3 times

You will pick it up as we go. 15 mins , a couple of dumbbells and a little space at home and you are ready to roll

If you love workouts like this then you will absolutely love our brand new ‘Zeus 6 Week Shred’ program that has just launched you may have heard me mention in the video.

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