20 Min Dumbbell Leg Workout (Home or Gym)

Todays Zeus Fitness video is a brilliant 20 Min Dumbbell Leg Workout. Last time out we hit the upper body now it time to hit dumbbell leg workout you can do from home. The beauty again with this dumbbell workout is you won’t need crazy heavy weight to get a killer workout in

Or if you’re more advanced and have the weights at your disposal , bump them up in weight for some of the exercises and go full beast mode

We are going time based for each round , rather than rep based so you’re looking to get in as many good quality reps in the time while maintaining good form throughout. If you’re going heavier , you will likely get less reps in . Just make sure to keep that form good

So enough talk and let’s do this . Grab your dumbbells and let’s go

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