20 Min Leg And Abs Resistance Band Workout | HOME OR GYM

Todays Zeus Fitness video is an awesome 20 min Leg And Abs Resistance Band Workout you do from home or the gym. This is great resistance band workout for smashing both the legs and the abs in just 20 min. We will be them for 10 mins each back to back for a quick, targeted Leg And Abs Resistance Band Workout

That should leave you feeling like you have smashed a great workout , even in that short time

Like the previous resistance band workouts recently , we will be hitting 10 minute each for the legs and abs . 5 Exercises for each . We work our way through the 5 exercises for 45 seconds of each , 15 seconds rest in between

Then we work our way back down through the exercises again

Short , sharp , to the point and effective

So grab your resistance bands and lets smash this, follow along with me

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