3 BEST Exercises to Tone Inner Thighs (LONGER & SLIMMER LEGS!)

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What’s going on ladies! In today’s video,
we are doing a workout that isolates the inner thighs and the three exercises I’m about to show you are squat and lunge variations that I personally do so guys these are for you too. It is critical that we all specifically target and isolate the adductors since they are such a large muscle group in the leg.

Many of the ladies are worried about their thighs and inner thighs tend to
be an area of the leg people, especially women, hold on to more fat. This is also an area of the leg that if you don’t isolate you won’t work it very much.

The three exercises I’m showing you today require NO GYM but can be adapted to be much more difficult and included in any workout for guys, girls, beginners, or advanced lifters.

👇 3 Exercises For Inner Thighs 👇
1️⃣ Plié Squats
2️⃣ Sumo Deficit Deadlift
3️⃣ Staggered Walking Lunges

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3 Exercises For Inner Thighs
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