Welcome to the Zeus Fitness 4 Week Boot Camp Day 3 Workout from home. Today smashing another awesome Home Workout Bodyweight and Dumbbells blast in 30 mins and with the resistance section targeting the Legs, Shoulder & Abs in one swoop

But again as with every bootcamp workout we will first be smashing some HIIT and cardio to burn some fat , getting the body moving and working up a sweat before hitting the serious those legs , shoulders and abs

Amazing response so far to the challenge. You guys are doing amazing and great to see so many take it on , challenge other and really make a positive change in 2021. LOVE IT

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As with every Zeus workout , I always recommend warming up and doing some dynamic stretching before hand. Even if it is only 5 minutes and we have you covered there

You can do this 5 minute warm up routine right here to get you ready for the workout ahead

When it comes to what weights you should use, everyone will be different depending on their current fitness and strength. You won’t need crazy heavy weights for these workouts , especially if weights are being used in the cardio sections.

What I suggest is finding a weight that works for you. Pushes you hard, Has you really struggling on the last couple of reps , but also let’s you maintain good form.

You don’t want to go with a weight that is too heavy for you and sacrifices that form

For the fitter guys or people who have completed my program Shred, Absolution or Beast before. You guys will know what weights work for you and for a tougher workout , especially in the resistance sections , you can up those weights for a tougher workout

Today’s Workout –

First up we hit the Cardio section | 2 sets of 3 Batches of different Cardio exercises x 3 Laps of each

Pulse Squats
Fast paced Overhead shoulder presses
Ice Skaters

Goblet squat into alternate Lunge
High Knee Side Shuffle
Mountain Climbers

Split Squats Right
Split Squats Left
Table Top Kick ups

Shoulders x 3
Cuban Press
Side Lateral Raises
Up and out Raise

Abs x 3
V Crunch
Right hand to left foot
Left hand to right foot

Enjoy todays workout and I will see you tomorrow for Day 4 😊


The Best Exercise For a Flat Stomach

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Stop Making Exercise So Hard

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Home Workout Plan – Legs

The residence workout strategy Component 5 is for legs. A great deal of individuals hate leg day due to the fact that they are functioning out the biggest muscle mass groups and also it can HURT. Strolling like a penguin the following day is still a pleasing feeling. Buns of steel deserve the pain! Just like the various other exercises, no tools necessary.

Exercises and Workouts – Strength Versus Hypertrophy Training

If you are ending up being much more included in the practice of weight lifting and also specifically if you want to create a complete body change, you might be wondering the difference in between training for toughness versus training for hypertrophy, which is specified as an increase to muscular tissue size. Are they 2 of the exact same or are there distinctions you should find out about?

Home Workout Plan – Back and Arms

The last of our house workout plan collection entails workouts for your back and also arms. Similar to the abdominals 2 workout, this does include a chin up bar. Details for where to get a moderately priced one are located are located below.

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