30 Min No Repeat Workout (50 Exercises Full Body Dumbbell Assault)

Today’s Zeus Fitness workout is another killer 30 Min No Repeat Workout again using nothing but a couple of dumbbells. A perfect 30 Min No Repeat Workout you can do at home or the gym. You guys are absolutely loving these No Repeat Workout

So have we got another 50 no repeat dumbbell exercises in the bank? Of course we do💪

Like the previous 2 workouts , we are running with the same format. 30 seconds active working and 10 seconds rest to get ready for the next exercises

Ready for round 3? Let’s do this

For demo purposes and for those at home who only have a couple of dumbbells, I am using the same weights for the whole workout.

Trust me , even with a light weight throughout. You’re still going to get a killer workout s, burn those muscles and work up a serious sweat in just over 30 minutes

Well , nothing left to be said. Grab those dumbbells and let’s do this 💪💪

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Hope you enjoy the video guys. Any questions, just drop them in the comment section below.

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