30 Minute Upper Body Dumbbell Workout | Back, Shoulders & Triceps | Boot Camp Day 6

It’s Boot Camp Day 6 and back to hitting a killer 30 Minute Upper Body Dumbbell Workout focusing on the Back , the shoulder and the triceps.

But first up changing it up this week by attacking some compound cardio dumbbell exercises in the ladder format.

Starting off with 1 of each exercises , then 2 , then 3 and so on. You will get the drill

Getting the body moving and working up a sweat before hitting the serious Upper Body Dumbbell Work

After that we hit those shoulders, triceps and the back with our dumbbells

When it comes to what weights you should use, everyone will be different depending on their current fitness and strength. You won’t need crazy heavy weights for these workouts , especially if weights are being used in the cardio sections.

What I suggest is finding a weight that works for you. Pushes you hard but also let’s you maintain good form.

You don’t want to go with a weight that is too heavy for you and sacrifices that form

Of course if you have the weights at your disposal , you can go a little heavier with the likes of bent over rows and shoulder presses and come down in weight for the like of side lateral raises and tricep kickbacks

Todays workout –

Cardio Section

Alternate lunges
squat presses
mountain climbers
star jump


standing shoulder raises
Side lateral raises
alternate front raises


Bent Over Rows
Reverse Snow Angels
High Row/pull


Chair dips
Double arm Tricep kick backs
Skull crushers

As with every Zeus workout , I always recommend warming up and doing some dynamic stretching before hand. Even if it is only 5 minutes and we have you covered there

You can do this 5 minute warm up routine right here to get you ready for the workout ahead

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The Best Time To Get Fit

Some individuals like it, some dislike it. Summertime.

Who Else Wants To Know About The Top 7 Types Of Cardio Fitness Training?

Cardio works out raise the heart price prompting the burning of fats stored in the body to provide power to the muscle mass. More oxygen is offered to the body due to increased blood circulation decreasing the threat of a number of illness and also medical problems, such as, heart strike, diabetic issues, high blood stress and some cancers cells too. There are various kinds of cardio exercises that a person can do to remain fit, healthy and balanced as well as have extra energy for day-to-day activities. It is vital to obtain the go on from your doctor before beginning an exercise program if you have a medical problem or expecting a baby. The leading 7 cardio health and fitness training consist of:

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