4 Best Exercises for Bigger Biceps (FREE WEIGHT ONLY!)

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What’s going on guys! In today’s video,
I’m going to tell you the best bicep exercises I do to build a part of the bicep many people have trouble building your bicep peaks. To build your peaks, you need to target the long head of the bicep. You need to make some adjustments in your arm placement and range of motion!

If you are genetically blessed with shorter muscle bellies, you will have an easier time developing a prominent peak. Some biceps are genetically longer, and some are shorter. You can’t change this. However, you can change the way you train So performing movements where your upper arm is behind the body will give the long head a better stretch/range of motion, and more activation!

1️⃣ Incline Dumbbell Curl
2️⃣ Drag Curls
3️⃣ Close/Narrow Grip Curls
4️⃣ Reverse Curls

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4 Best Exercises for Bigger Biceps (FREE WEIGHT ONLY!)
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