50 Exercises | No Repeat | The Ultimate 30 min Dumbbell Only Full Body Workout

Today’s Zeus Fitness video is The Ultimate Dumbbell Only Full Body Workout. Combining 50 different exercise combinations in another super popular no repeat Dumbbell Only Full Body Workout. You guys seem to love these full body dumbbell no repeat workouts and loved the last one with 50 exercises

So I just had to smash another for you. Same concept as last time.

50 Dumbbell exercises or combination of exercises , 30 seconds on and 10 seconds rest as we work our way through all 50

Again find a weight that works for you. If you have a selection of dumbbells at your disposal this may be handy as with certain exercises you may want to up the weight and for others drop the weight.

For demo purposes and for those at home who only have a couple of dumbbells, I am using the same weights for the whole workout.

Trust me , even with a light weight throughout. You’re still going to get a killer workout s, burn those muscles and work up a serious sweat in just over 30 minutes

Well , nothing left to be said. Grab those dumbbells and let’s do this 💪💪

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