9 BEST Exercises for Perfect REAR DELTS

These are the 9 Best Exercises for the back of your shoulder. If you want to learn how to build bigger rear delts this video will show you the best way. Grow the back of shoulders with posterior deltoid exercises and workout designed to get you 3D delts fast.

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Your shoulder muscle has 3 separate heads, front middle, and back and the back portion also known as the posterior deltoid it’s usually disprortionatly underdeveloped compared to the front and middle heads. This is due to the fact that many staple exercises like the bench press, overhead press, and pressing movements in general, all target and build up the anterior head and the lateral head, but don’t do much for the posterior head. And not only do most people already perform more pressing exercises than they do pulling exercises, but they also throw in isolation exercises like frontal raises and lateral raises that further add mass on the front and mid-portion, while hardly targeting the back of the shoulder at all. In combination all of this can also leave the shoulders in what looks like a rolled forward position potentially hurting your posture. So today I’m going to give you guys the 9 best exercises¬†to target the posterior head so you can fix this problem and build fully developed proportional looking shoulders.¬†
And first I want to start with a compound exercise that’s extremely effective for the back of the shoulders, but also very overlooked, the kneeling cable lat pulldown. Now lat pulldowns are obviously primarily¬†performed to target the lats and other parts of the back, but with some simple modifications, your posterior deltoids will be on fire. So to begin you’ll grab two cables, that are set high up on a cable cross, and you’ll kneel down on the ground, with your knees bent, and your body straight. Then you’re going to pull both cables down aiming to bring them about even with your shoulders. As you do this it’s very important that you concentrate on really retracting your shoulders the whole time. This is the key to more posterior deltoid activation. You’re also going to focus on pulling your elbows, not just straight down, but behind your back. And also think about pulling with your elbows rather than your hands. Then Once you bring the cables all the way down slowly extend your arms back up over your head to the starting position and repeat for reps.¬†
Another compound exercise that’s one of the best out there to target the back of your shoulders is the incline dumbbell high row. Here you’ll set up a bench at an incline angle, grab two dumbbells, and lay in a prone position flat down on the bench. From here you want to hold both dumbbells with your hands in a pronated position and with your arms hanging straight down off the sides of the bench. Then you’re going to row the dumbbells back focusing on pulling with your elbows rather than your hands and instead of having your elbows close to your ribs like you would with regular dumbbell rows you’re going to want to open your elbows up out to your sides, almost like you’re doing a face pull with dumbbells. This row will be wider than a regular row, and the dumbbells will come up higher towards your chest rather than your belly button. Once your row them all the way up lower them back down¬†
Next is another cable exercise¬†the bent-over reverse fly. Now when most people do reverse flyes with cables they do them standing, and only really do reverse flyes bent over when using dumbbells. But performing¬†bent over flyes with¬†cables¬†instead of dumbbells can provide a new unique challenge for the posterior deltoid, especially since you can cross your arms all the way over and still maintain tension on the back of your shoulders giving you a slightly longer range of motion. So to begin you’re going to lower the pulleys to the bottom of the cable cross and stand about a foot behind them. Then you’re going to bend over until your upper body is almost parallel to the ground and you’re going to cross your arms to grab the left cable with your right hand and the right cable with your left hand. From that position you want to lock your elbow in a slightly bent position, and in an arch-like sweeping motion, you want to open your arms and raise the cables up to your sides. Your elbows should lead the movement rather than your hands, so they should rise up first followed by your hands. From there simply lower back down until your hands are once again fully crossed over, and then repeat for reps. To help balance out this exercise for every set you’ll want to alternate which hand ends up in front of the other when the cables are crossed over.¬†
Next is one of my favorite posterior shoulder exercises that I hope more people are doing now that I’ve mentioned it in a couple of my videos, the long angle dumbbell row. To perform this one you’ll want to set up a flat bench and grab a much lighter

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