Best At-Home Quad Exercises (4 LEG EXTENSION REPLACEMENTS!)

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What’s going on guys! If you workout from home, are traveling and only have access to a lacking hotel gym, or your gym doesn’t have a leg extension machine it may seem there aren’t any decent substitutes. In today’s video, I am showing you several ways you can perform a leg extension without a machine. Plus, a few other exercises you can do that will yield very similar results.

The leg extension is a unique movement pattern, it is hard to replicate but not impossible. There are several ways you can perform a leg extension without a machine.

Sub1️⃣ Kneeling Squat
Sub2️⃣ Elevated Knee Drives
Sub3️⃣ Single-Leg Band Extension
Sub4️⃣ Dumbbell Leg Curl

These modifications are also good options if you have sore knees!
Some people say that using a leg extension machine isn’t good for your joints. If you have knee issues, try one of the variations above instead!

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Best At-Home Quad Exercises (4 LEG EXTENSION REPLACEMENTS!)
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