Boot Camp Day 2 | Back, Triceps & HIIT Cardio | 30 Min Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Welcome to the Zeus Fitness 4 week Boot Camp Day 2. Today it’s another 30 Min Upper Body Dumbbell Workout this time mainly targeting the Back and Triceps. But as with every bootcamp workout we will first be smashing some HIIT and cardio to burn some fat , getting the body moving and working up a sweat before hitting the serious Upper Body Dumbbell Work

I hope you enjoy the next 4 week challenge and have tried to get as many people as possible to do it with you, challenging each other

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As the weeks progress , the workouts will get progressively tougher. Making it more challenging as we go

As with every Zeus workout , I always recommend warming up and doing some dynamic stretching before hand. Even if it is only 5 minutes and we have you covered there

You can do this 5 minute warm up routine right here to get you ready for the workout ahead

When it comes to what weights you should use, everyone will be different depending on their current fitness and strength. You won’t need crazy heavy weights for these workouts , especially if weights are being used in the cardio sections.

What I suggest is finding a weight that works for you. Pushes you hard, Has you really struggling on the last couple of reps , but also let’s you maintain good form.

You don’t want to go with a weight that is too heavy for you and sacrifices that form

For the fitter guys or people who have completed my program Shred, Absolution or Beast before. You guys will know what weights work for you and for a tougher workout , especially in the resistance sections , you can up those weights for a tougher workout

Today’s Workout –

First up we hit the Cardio section | 3 sets of 3 different Cardio exercises x 3 Laps of each

Squat into overhead tricep press
Criss Cross / bicycle crunch
Side Shuffle and toe tap

Overhead Lunge Left
Overhead Lunch Right
In and out dumbbell squats

Wall sit into Bicep Curl
Battle Bells

Followed by Resistance work | Chest & Biceps |

Back Exercises x 3
Renegade Row
Bent Over Row – Palms Forward
High Row

Triceps x3
Close grip push up
Double Arm Tricep Kickback
Skull Crushers

I think that’s everything guys. Enjoy todays workout and I will see you tomorrow for workout number 3 😊


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