Can You Complete This 1 Hour Full Body Workout With Dumbbells Challenge? (LETS GO)

Today Zeus fitness video is a special 1 hour full body workout with dumbbells at home or the gym and is a no repeat 1 hour full body dumbbell workout.

We get a lot of love for our real-time follow along dumbbell workouts. You guys love them.

I also know that a of my subscribers love 20-30 minute dumbbell home workouts. But, In the comments and messages and emails. I get a lot of people asking for 40, 45 and 1 hour dumbbell workouts

It’s something we haven’t tried before. But I am always willing to test the waters with anything and give everyone something new to try on the channel. I like to try and cater for all of you who love your home workouts

So what have I done here?

Well I have taken 4 of my 15 minute home dumbbell workouts and stitched them all together to form one 1 Hour Full Body Workout.

The first 15 minutes will attack the legs, the following 15 minutes will target the upper body, followed by 15 minutes of the abs and core and finishing off the workout with 15 minutes of total body work to complete the hour

Now this is going to be seriously tough. I suggest going light with the dumbbells here as you are going to burn out fast

So have you got what it takes to take on the challenge and complete the whole hour?

It’s time to find out. Grab your dumbbells and a drink of water and get ready to burn

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Hope you enjoy the video guys. Any questions, just drop them in the comment section below.

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Till next time


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