Day 10 of the Boot Camp and today smashing a 40 Min Calorie destroying Dumbbell Only Full Body HIIT Workout. This one is going to be tough and work up a serious sweat. A Dumbbell Only Full Body Workout from home with combination of compound exercises to get the body moving in every way possible while working every muscle group

Second week of the boot camp nearly in the bag guys. Have you got this? Of course you have

You are all doing amazing and smashing your way through. Keep your feedback and comments coming. Love to hear from you all and I try to reply to everyones comments when I get the chance 😊

You won’t need crazy heavy weight in this one guys

One more workouts this week , then a couple of rest days


As with every Zeus workout , I always recommend warming up and doing some dynamic stretching before hand. Even if it is only 5 minutes and we have you covered there

You can do this 5 minute warm up routine right here to get you ready for the workout ahead

Love Them or Hate Them the Burpee Is Probably the All Round King of Bodyweight Exercises

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