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What’s going on guys! In today’s video,
I am going to talk about and teach you different ways to execute ONE simple technique that could reduce the size of your midsection in as little as a few weeks! It’s called: The Stomach Vacuum.

You may be doing it already. But are you doing it CORRECTLY? It looks easy but mastering it? Not so much. When done with the right form and with CONSISTENCY some people see results in as little as a couple of weeks, and the results can be rather drastic. Yes! From ONE exercise and nothing else!

We are going to show you several ways to do this exercise but the technique is the same for every variation, so pay close attention.

🔥How To Stomach Vacuum🔥
🔸Take a deep breath
🔸Exhale all of the air out of your lungs completely.
🔸Expand the chest and draw your belly button into your SPINE.
🔸Visualize your belly button trying to touch your backbone!
🔸Now, squeeze and hold!!!

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