Dumbbell Ab Workout At Home (10 mins | follow along | no repeat)

Todays Zeus Fitness video is a no repeat 10 Min Dumbbell Ab Workout At Home.

I love adding dumbbells to my ab workout for a little extra resistance and a killer ab workout, making your usual routine a lot more challenging and helping create more defined abs

By adding the dumbbell to your routine you can really burn those abs out quickly which is why this ab workout will only take 10 minutes

Trust me 10 mins is all it will take as those abs will be burning by the end and you should feel this one for a few days after if done right

You wont need a crazy heavy weight for this , you’re only looking to add a little extra resistance to shock those abs

This will be 10 minutes straight , 10 exercises in total and no breaks. Oh she burns

So grab your light dumbbells and let’s give this a smash

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As always guys , love to hear from you guys . Any questions , feedback or anything you would like to see, just drop me a comment in the comments section and I will try to get back to you all 😊

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