Dumbbell Ab Workout At Home (10 mins | follow along | no repeat)

Todays Zeus Fitness video is a Dumbbell Ab Workout At Home (10 mins | follow along | no repeat). A perfect ab workout you can do from home. You guys love the real time follow along dumbbell workout.

You also like when I incorporate some dumbbells into the Ab routine for a little added resistance. Combining that with the no repeat aspect which I personally love myself.

So again what we are doing here is hitting 10 ab exercises in total, doing each for 1 minute straight with a 10 second rest/change over between each one

Meaning we are never repeating the same exercise twice.

You wont need a crazy heavy weight for this , you’re only looking to add a little extra resistance to shock those abs

So grab your light dumbbells and let’s give this a smash

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As always guys , love to hear from you guys . Any questions , feedback or anything you would like to see, just drop me a comment in the comments section and I will try to get back to you all 😊

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Till the next one

Zeus Fitness

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