How I Stay Injury Free + FREE Program Coming

Hey Guys , so today I wanted to have a quick chat with you guys about how I have been using and loving Pilates for the last 2 years to help keep my body injury free and mobile to help with my gruelling workout schedule

Between my own workouts , training with clients , taking Online classes and Youtube video’s. Not to mention at the brave old age of 37 and after years of wrestling, it all starts to add up and take it’s toll on the body

So after some research and recommendations, a few years ago I decided to give pilates a go . Absolutely loving the results so much , I went on to get my qualifications so I could show off the incredible benefits to others

With Pilates you will find yourself improving your mobility , flexibility , posture , core strength and find it not only helping with injury rehab , but also injury prevention.

After taking up pilates I have never turned back and don’t believe I would be able to keep up with my schedule without it.

Some of the best Male and female athletes in the world are using pilates to keep themselves injury free with their careers and seeing amazing results and benefits

So I previously recorded a 6 part complete beginners pilates course that was never released to the public.

Now it finally is going to be and I am releasing it right here on Youtube for free.

The plan is to release a new workout every Sunday evening for the next 6 weeks. Trust me these are the perfect Sunday routine to get that body ready for some gruelling weeks workouts ahead

I 100% recommend giving them a go.

The first video will go live this Sunday 4th October



What If You Cannot Exercise?

We understand the wellness advantages of exercise. There’s no doubt regarding how great exercise can be for physical and also mental health. However, many individuals believe that workout is beyond their physical capability, no issue the number of health advantages there may be.

The Word You Need To Add To Exercise And Your Workout To Succeed

We exercise, we work out. We talk about our workout workouts, but, do we make use of the one word, in our ideas and comments, that can make or damage an exercise workout program? If utilized incorrectly, this word can beat us, if made use of effectively it can lead us to success … new degrees of physical fitness, health, weight monitoring, as well as also happiness.

Exercise: Is It Really Less Important Than Diet for Weight Loss?

I have been listening to for some time since when it comes to weight loss, workout is not king. Diet plan is vital. I indicate, the NY Times claimed it, so it needs to be true.

Exercises and Workouts – Is Walking the Best Exercise For You?

Believe for a while about what you take pleasure in as well as don’t delight in where workout is worried. You likely have a lengthy listing of things you should certainly do or want to achieve. Most of us do. Is walking on that listing? Perhaps workout is, but you might have overlooked walking as an useful choice. Think regarding it; walking is simple to incorporate into your workday. You could take the stairs instead of riding the lift, or exit the bus a few blocks away so you can walk to as well as from your work. Numerous individuals fast to dismiss it as a productive type of physical task. Strolling is an excellent area to begin.

A Century

As a number of you understand that know me, I have dealt with 100 mile trips, my first two 100 mile rides being in 2015 in 2017. My very first attempt was in February of 2017, I began off with a little bit of a tummy pain, and was means overdressed and also overheated quickly. I discovered that I was not eating enough of anything as well as started to really feel the discomfort.

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