How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally?

Find out exactly how to calculate how much muscle you can build naturally based on your specific body type. This video will explain how fast you can expect to gain muscle as a natural and describe how long it will take to see noticeable changes. You don’t need steroids to build a great physique but you do need a clear-cut idea of what’s possible and what’s not possible. This video will answer all of this and more.
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how exactly are we supposed to know what’s actually possible to achieve naturally? Even though many steroids accusations prove to be true there are also plenty of steroid accusations that are plain wrong. Many times If an athlete simply looks really muscular or shredded, a large chunk of people will immediately assume that such a physique wouldn’t be attainable without performance-enhancing drugs. Ironically people that don’t workout themselves are some of the first to jump on the steroid accusation bandwagon. They assume since they couldn’t do it naturally, then no one else could do it either. However, the truth is that there are many variables that influence how much muscle someone can build naturally. And the very first variable that we have to touch on is of course genetics because there is no doubt that having favorable muscle-building genetics can go a very long way. However, even though genetics do matter most people also believe that what you do with your diet, workout plan, and sleeping schedule is also extremely important. And scientific research supports this belief. The evidence actually shows that both genetics and environmental factors contribute about equally to muscle strength-related phenotypes and adaptations to exercise. (1) And Since there’s a close link between strength and muscle mass, as shown by various studies(2), it means that genetics and environmental factors should also have about an equal impact on how much muscle you can build. So, the bottom line is that it is true that you can drastically improve whatever genetic hand you’re dealt in life, but it’s also true that someone with amazing genetics can wind up building much more muscle even while putting in much less work than someone with bad muscle building genetics. We can see an example of having a big genetic edge by looking at a current Powerlifting record holder named Andy Bolton. He himself said that he didn’t even start weight training until he was 18 years old and on his very first time he was able to squat 500 pounds and deadlift 600 pounds. So yes it’s safe to say that genetics do matter, but exactly which genetic factors actually determine how much muscle you can build naturally and how would you find out if you yourself have good or bad muscle-building genetics? Well, some people take a DNA or genetic test, but even a good genetic test is only going to look at around 20 of your genes. This is a problem because the Human Genome Project has identified over 20,000 genes present in every human being. So, even if you look at one particular gene that might have an impact on muscle growth, it’s still like looking at a single computer chip and trying to find out how the entire computer works based on that single chip. This is why researchers advise against taking genetic tests seriously (3). In fact, a 2016 review that looked at a bunch of studies on the topic concluded that genetic tests cannot predict athletic performance with any sort of accuracy. (4) So, you might be wondering why are DNA tests so popular then? And the answer is simply because they bring in a lot of money. Even in the large scientific review on DNA Testing, researchers came to the conclusion, that DNA testing companies are misrepresenting evidence to make more money. (5) Now with all that said there are a few factors that do seem to directly influence muscle building potential and the primary one is frame size. For example, referring back to our powerlifter Andy Bolton, One thing that made him stronger without ever training than most lifters will ever be after years of training is that he has a very good build. That’s why he makes his well-built powerlifting coach look tiny (6), not only because he has more muscle, but also because his skeletal frame is immense. So the thicker your frame, the more muscle you can typically build around it. And we can see this playing out in studies that show that most people with big bones and joints carry more muscle naturally than their slimmer-built peers. (7) As well as other evidence that shows that World-class bodybuilders, Olympic weightlifters, and powerlifters all have a large frame size, making it a good predictor of success in those sports. (8) So if it’s a good predictor how can you use frame size to determine your natural muscle building potential. Well, a natural bodybuilder actually came up with for.

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