How to Get Bigger Quads Fast (JUST DO THIS!)

If you want to get bigger quads fast, then you have to watch this video and find out the one simple change you can make to your squats that will help you start building big legs quickly. Everyone knows that squats are a staple leg exercise for building big quads, glutes and hamstrings. That said, if you always perform your squat the same way, then you will definitely benefit from a change in stance.

Most commonly, people will train their legs with their feet outside shoulder width apart on squats. As they go through the squat motion, they force their knees outward over their slightly angled out toes. This results in a crossover into the frontal plane, taking away some of the forward travel of the knees in the descent.

There is no problem at all performing squats like this. They are incredibly effective at helping you to build big, strong legs using this form. That said, if you are lacking in quad development and want to know how to get bigger quads fast, then you have to narrow up that stance of yours. By placing your feet no wider than shoulder width apart when performing squats, you force the knees to travel almost entirely in the sagittal plane.

This will result in greater hip flexion, a deeper squat possibility and more range of motion on the exercise.

When looking to grow bigger legs, the extra range of motion is a great stimulus for muscle growth. Beyond that however is the fact that the quads are much more heavily engaged and relied upon to power you out of the hole on this leg exercise when the feet are narrow since the position minimizes the stretch on the adductors and therefore their recruitment in the initiation of the ascent on a squat.

Pause squats are even better here with a close stance squat since you will be forced to change the recruitment pattern you’ve learned from all these years of squatting with your feet wider.

Now, it is important to point out that squatting with your feet close together is not something you are going to attempt on a max squat. Particularly if you have not done this before or in a long while, you are going to want to lighten the weight considerably. The key is controlling the rep and learning how to reprogram your squat neurologically to let your quads start participating more in the leg exercise.

If you want to take the gains even further, you can perform your close stance squats for higher rep totals each set. Try performing a 20 rep set a la Tom Platz. The goal here is not to get tired on your last repetition. Instead, you’ll likely start sucking for air at around the 13th or 14th rep. Rest pause at the top of the rep and grind out every last repetition until you are through with your final rep.

The key is that no matter how you perform these, if you want to build big legs fast, you have to be willing to assess how you are attempting to do it now. It is easy for us to fall into a pattern or comfort zone (especially on the big lifts) where we perform them the same every single time we train them. Well, that isn’t what is best when muscle growth and size is what you’re after. Not only should you be looking to mix in front squats and other squat alternatives but you should be willing to mix in some variation of stance width as well.

Try this change out and let me know how you do.

The key to big quads is learning how to recruit them into your leg workouts and leg exercises. Too often, the bigger more powerful glutes and hamstrings will try and take on the bulk of the work being done on squats and other exercises for legs. The job is to make sure not to let that happen. Figure out how you can deliver more tension to your quadriceps instead of less and you will know what to do to build bigger legs fast.

If you are anything like Jesse, you will see that you can get bigger quads if you are willing to work for them. Nobody ever said it would be easy. Even skinny guys can get their stubborn legs to grow if they put in the work and follow the science of training. If you’re looking for a step by step program for building big legs as well as workout to get big legs, be sure to visit via the link below and check out the program selector to pick the plan that is best suited to your current goals.

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